Discover our new 5kg propane gas bottle!


A bottle with a rust preventing layer of zinc and a grey topcoating

Suitable for your BBQ, outdoor shower, boat, caravan and weed burner! The Take5 is available throughout the BENELUX.

Handy size:

The Take5 is 46 cm high and has a diameter of 23cm. This bottle fits almost every gos bottle cupboard


There are different types of release valves and pressure regulators on the market, make sure you always use the right one!

The Take5 is provided with a DIN valve, also known in e.g. Germany, the Netherlands and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and not with the classic Belgian connection. Always use a DIN pressure regulator with the Take5. Only than will you be assured of a gastight connection with the proper gaspressure. You'll be all set for years of carefree Take5 usage!