Become an Antargaz customer

Become a new customer in three steps

Become a customer in 5 minutes and Antargaz will do the rest.

Antargaz will take care of the switch from your current supplier free of charge.

Do you prefer to make your request on paper (signed and sent by post)?

If so, print out this form ( NL / FR ). You will then be sent a paper contract and will need to sign one copy and return it to Antargaz.

If you'd like to, you can also pay your bills by Direct Debit. In that case, fill in this form* and send it back to us. *(dutch form)

Are you an existing Antargaz customer who wants to remain with Antargaz at your new address?

Use the moving house form.

Do you live in Brussels?

Unfortunately, Antargaz is not yet able to supply natural gas in Brussels. Would you like us to get in touch when we are able to? Let us know.

Read the general conditions for the supply of natural gas: these cover points such as the duration of your contract, its termination, arrangements regarding payments, data protection and so on.

In the last step of your request you can then confirm your agreement with these conditions.

Step 1: your details

You can find this at the top right of your SIS card. If you do not have a population register number, for instance because you are not Belgian, but you do live in Belgium.

Step 2: your gas connection

You can find the 18-digit EAN code on your bill.

Step 3: your payment


Your payment

Print out this form, fill it in and return it to Antargaz. Would you also like to receive your bills by email? If so, you will receive a yearly 12 euro discount on your next annual statement if your instalment bills are paid properly. Enter your account number, so that Antargaz can refund any overpayment on your instalments.

Confirm your request


Give your details one last check below. Then send your request for Antargaz natural gas with a single mouse click. You will receive a confirmation email.