Our natural gas prices

What is your natural gas price?

Your guarantee of a low gas price

Antargaz gives you peace of mind. You don't need to scour the market looking for the cheapest gas supplier. Antargaz guarantees that it will always be among the cheapest suppliers on the Belgian market.

How does Antargaz guarantee this low price?

The gas price for individual customers is determined by:

  • the index figure for gas ('TTF-endex'), which determines how much Antargaz has to pay on the gas market for your gas
  • government taxes such as VAT
  • a charge for your regional distribution system operator
  • a subscription charge for your gas supplier

Antargaz makes several unique choices:

In this way, Antargaz can guarantee that its gas price is always among the lowest.

There are new index figures every quarter. You won’t really notice this in your instalment payments: your instalment is a fixed amount, calculated on the basis of your expected use. However, your tariff is variable, and you will notice this on your annual statement, where you can see what price has been charged every quarter. The gas index will have been lower at some times than at others during the past year, and this variable contract formula enables you to benefit from this.

Other gas suppliers charge new customers temporary 'stunt' prices. Not Antargaz. Antargaz won't mislead you with low prices to start with, and higher prices later. Antargaz is the cheapest gas supplier in the long term.

Installment payments and an annual statement: the easy way to pay

At Antargaz you are sent installment bills. This instalment is calculated on the basis of your gas use in the past and your family’s estimated consumption during the year.

These monthly or quarterly instalments make it easy for you. You know in advance how much you will have to pay each time.

After 12 months, you receive an annual statement showing the cost of your actual gas consumption. If the instalments you have paid during the year are too much, you will get money back. If you have used more gas than is covered by the instalments, you will make a one-off extra payment for the past year.

Are you entitled to the social tariff for gas? Click here for frequently asked questions about the social tariff.

How much do you pay for natural gas from Antargaz?


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