Natural gas from Antargaz – inexpensive and straightforward

Natural gas from Antargaz: clearly transparent!

Do you heat your home, cook and use hot water with natural gas? If so, you stand to gain from having Antargaz as your new gas supplier. Antargaz makes everything as clear as possible for you as our customer:

  • a contract you can understand, written in clear language;
  • a clear price which is always among the lowest on the Belgian market;
  • a customer service that gives you the answer to your question as soon as possible.

Antargaz Services

Antargaz does it differently

Antargaz believes that supplying natural gas, contracts and formulas doesn't need to be complicated.

Your natural gas price at Antargaz

The natural gas price at Antargaz is variable. This is explained in more detail here.

Antargaz: worth switching to

Compare Antargaz with other energy suppliers. You can find an impartial answer from your regional energy market regulator in Flanders or Wallonia.


Become a new customer in three steps

It’s easy to transfer your current contract to your new address.

Calculate the price you can expect from us here.