The Antargaz gas cylinder deposit system: useful!

Are you buying an Antargaz gas cylinder for the first time?

  • You will pay a deposit fee depending on the type of gas cylinder you purchase.
  • You will be given a deposit card by the Antargaz distributor.

Why do you have to pay a deposit fee?

Antargaz remains the owner of the gas cylinder. The deposit system encourages careful use of the gas cylinder and its correct return after use. After they are returned Antargaz will ensure that empty gas cylinders can be reused. The Antargaz deposit system thus contributes to the quality, the maintenance and the safety of the equipment that we provide to you.

Do you have an empty gas cylinder that you want to exchange for a full one?

Take the empty cylinder to an Antargaz distributor in your local area. He will give you a full cylinder of the same type. All you pay for is the gas in the cylinder, not the cylinder itself.

Do you want to get rid of your empty gas cylinder?

Take the cylinder to an Antargaz distributor in your local area. Don't forget the original deposit card for the cylinder, as provided the cylinder is in good condition, the distributor will return your deposit.
Note: distributors cannot accept a copy of your deposit card. The older deposit documents are also still valid.

Deposit amount

Type of gas cylinder
10.5 kg propane
12.5 kg butane
18 kg propane
46.5 kg propane
Take5 5kg propane
Cocoon 5kg propane
Calypso 8kg propane
Calypso LT 8,5kg propane
10,5 kg propane carburetion engines
18 kg propane carburetion engines