Calypso - 8 kg propane

Ideal for your barbecue, your patio heater or when camping.

Find a distributor in your local area.

Connecting Calypso: so easy!

Surprisingly light

A full cylinder only weighs 13 kg and contains 8 kg of propane. You don't need to lug heavy gas cylinders anymore. Thanks to the handy handles on the top and bottom of the Calypso gas cylinder everybody can lift the cylinder without a problem.


There is always a distributor in your local area

With more than 1,000 distributors in the Benelux you can always redeem an empty gas cylinder nearby. Convenient when you're on the road.Find a distributor in your local area!


View on your supply with one glance

The gas level in the cylinder can easily be checked. This way you'll never unexpectedly run out of gas.


Convenient size

The Calypso is 55 cm high and has a diameter of 30 cm. The bottle fits in almost any cylinder box.


Easy connection

You can easily connect the pressure regulator with the click system. Enjoy the ease of our "clip-on" pressure regulator of 37mbar or use the adapter to connect to your own pressure regulator.



A robust packaging protects the gas cylinder from any impact. Moisture or water can not affect the reservoir: the bottom of the cylinder lets water and air circulate.

Thanks to the innovative click system, the gas feed can only be opened if the pressure regulator is connected. U wish to use Calypso in your caravan or your boat? You can easily connect an adaptor * with the same system.

The gas cylinder must not be placed under the gas barbecue during use. Place the gas cylinder next to your gas barbecue for a save use.

* An adaptor is not a pressure regulator .


A sustainable choice

When propane burns, there are very few harmful substances. This is not only better for the environment: without soot your devices will also last longer.

A synthetic cylinder is less damaging to the environment than a traditional steel cylinder. The lower weight saves energy in transportation. Moreover, the durable synthetic material allows a more frequent use of the cylinder.