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Calypso: the easy gas cylinder

The Calypso gas cylinder is there to make life easy for you. This plastic gas cylinder is ideal for your gas barbecue, patio heater or when you are travelling or camping.
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  • Easy to carry thanks to its surprising lightness
  • Check the gas level at a glance
  • Simple to connect
  • Sustainable
  • Always a distribution point in your area

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Exchanging is easy: how it works

You pay a deposit on an Antargaz cylinder. You get this back when you return a cylinder to your distributor.

Which gas applications can our gas bottles be used for?

Looking for a patio heater or a gas heater? Find them here.


Antargaz gas cylinders can be found at 1,000 distribution points in Benelux. Look for the nearest distributor here.

With these tips, you can get started with a Antargaz gas cylinder without any worries.

Check for leaks: it's easy

Connecting a gas cylinder in your vehicle in safety.

Help us recycle and bring your gas cylinder to an Antargaz distributor.

Important documents

Gas in cylinders - Safety Data Sheet

General conditions

  • Terms and conditions for the supply of propane and butane in cylinders ( NL / FR )