How is a bulk tank installed?

Who, where, when and how?

Who installs the tank?

The Antargaz energy adviser will arrange for a specialist installer from your local area to install your tank.

Where will the tank be installed?

The siting of the tank in your garden will be decided on by you together with an energy adviser during a visit. You must ensure the legally required safety distances.


You can decide together with the energy adviser when your tank can be installed.

How is an underground bulk tank installed?

The installation of an underground and regular bulk tank of Antargaz

A tank is installed in 5 steps:

  • You choose the right location for your tank together with the energy adviser.
  • A pit is excavated using professional equipment.
  • The tank is set level with the ground and secured.
  • A protective net is placed over the tank.
  • The pit is backfilled and the tank is covered with at least 30 cm of soil.

Only the cover remains visible. Below this are the viewing chamber with the fill valve, tap and gauges.

The installation is carried out as far as your heating boiler: the installers do not make the connection between your heating boiler and your plumbing installation. Contact an accredited installer for this.