All the benefits of gas with a bulk tank

Gas, even without a mains connection

Are you looking for a less expensive energy-solution?
Is your street not connected to the gas mains?
If so, Antargaz has the solution: your gas supply in a tank.

You have a question for us? Contact the gas in tanks customer service.
Interested? Make an appointment with an energy adviser.

  • cheaper than electricity
  • an above-ground or underground tank
  • convenient and durable
  • Antargaz installs, fills and maintains your tank

Antargaz Services

Inexpensive gas

Take a look here at what you will pay if you opt for gas in a bulk tank.

Make a no-obligation appointment with an energy adviser

An energy adviser will be happy to visit you. He is an expert in energy solutions with gas: he will examine the situation of your company, answer your questions and give you an offer customized to your company.

Contact an installer in your local area

Antargaz will install your tank. The connection to your gas pipes inside your offices must be made by an accredited specialist. You can find one in your local area here.

Order gas for your tank online

Is your tank less than 30% full? Get it topped up. It's easy to order a new delivery here.

A propane gas network from Antargaz: tell us your gas meter reading here

Do you share a joint tank? Have you received a letter from Antargaz asking for a meter reading? You can submit your reading online.


underground bulk tank

The appearance of your environment remains unchanged.

Gas in a tank

Here's how it works.

advantages of a bulk tank

All the advantages of a bulk tank.


Your bulk tank as part of an environmentally friendly approach to energy in your office.

required safety distances around bulk tank

The legally required safety clearance around a bulk tank.

installation bulk tank

The installation of a bulk tank, step by step.