What we believe in

Antargaz stands for clarity. Antargaz makes difficult-seeming subjects easy to understand. By doing so, it builds a lasting relationship with customers, personnel, suppliers and government bodies.

For example: Antargaz makes forms as straightforward as possible.

Antargaz is considerating its relationship with customers, employees, suppliers and government bodies. Safety and peace of mind definitely come first – not to excess, but beyond the legal requirements. Antargaz aims to be the energy supplier that you can easily talk to.

For example: Antargaz is happy to give you individual assistance. Simply call us on number if something is unclear.

Antargaz is honest. What it cannot make easy for customers, employees, suppliers and government bodies, it can at least make transparent.

For example: Antargaz has a variable gas price. You might find the price fluctuations confusing, but you can always see on your bill how your price is calculated. You can find out here how Antargaz is able to offer you a low, variable gas price (private) or for companies.